Lalove Benedict


Living in Bend, Oregon, I am inspired daily by the raw beauty of my surroundings. I also find inspiration in fleeting expressions, stormy skies, and imperfect things. I hold a Bachelor of Arts degree from Brooks Institute of Photography, and am, primarily, a self-taught painter.

I like to mix mediums in new ways. Layers of textured plaster, washes of paint, photographic transfers, carved marks and dripping wax are just a few of the techniques I use to create depth and texture in my work. My artwork is peppered with bits and pieces of the places I have been. While certain themes often reemerge, there is always an element of experimentation, mystery, and surprise with each piece. My hope is that my art offers a bit of magic and inspiration to you as well.

My artwork is included in a number of private collections. Please contact me directly for fine art purchases. Images for commercial use can be licensed through Masterfile. Please get in touch if you are interesting collaborating on your next creative project!